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Many families have been impacted during the September 19th earthquake in central Mexico. 230,000 people have lost their homes. Many others have had their workplaces affected, have had their small businesses closed down or have lost their jobs. Some even tragically have lost family members. In Mexico, due to the many deficiencies in public schools, many families will place their children in a private school even before they will undergo other discretionary expenses. It may be a very simple private school, but it will take precedent over buying a car, going on a vacation, or other "optional" expenses. The sad result is that these impacted families are struggling to keep their kids in school. Our Foundation has a proven track record in identifying deserving candidates, ranging from orphans in Jalisco and Chiapas that we sent to bilingual schools to gifted students that we sent to the prestigious United World College schools.  You can see more information in the past projects site.

We will be supporting families that are in a temporary bind due to the earthquake, and is supporting them with a short term, partial scholarship to help tide them over until they can get back on their feet again.

Thanks to the intervention of the Foundation, our first recipient is being benefited.  Amara B. lost her mother and her home in the September 19th earthquake.  Her father was injured and continues hospitalized to date.  This created the need to have to change her to another preschool more convenient for her new place of residence.  The Foundation was able to find a spot for her in one of the preschools of the Peterson Schools and obtained a 50% scholarship for her there. 


Please help us identify and support more deserving candidates. 

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