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Our mission to improve and stimulate the quality of education in the Hispanic Community of the Americas with specific emphasis on identifying and promoting model programs and/or educational institutions. Additionally, the directors expect to foster bilingual or trilingual education that will allow this community to participate effectively in modern society and in the global economy.



Standing Directors for 2020 - 2021

Advisory  Directors for 2020 - 2021

Honorary President for Life:

Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez


Kenneth A. Peterson

Vice President:

Russel E. Kennedy, CLU, LLH


Mrs. Josefina Alvarado

Tax Advisor

Rinaldo J. Gonzalez, CPA

Communications Director: 

Lorea Peterson

Dr. Stephanie K. de Fastlicht         

Dr. Russell E. Kennedy

Mr. Gustavo J. Lopez

Dr. Marvin A. Peterson

Mr. Kenneth A. Peterson

Dr. Janet B. de Saenz

Mr. Andrew Taracido

Ms. Sarah D. Pedraza

Ms. Olga Lara de Baer

Mr. Juan Pablo Marquard Muench

Mr. Brett E. Grossman

Dr. J. L. Hodgson

Ms. Patricia Hetter Kelso

H. Tim Hoffman, Esq.