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The mission of the Educational Foundation of the Americas, Inc. (EFAI) is to improve and stimulate the quality of education in the Hispanic Community of the Americas with specific emphasis on identifying and promoting model programs and/or educational institutions. Additionally, the directors expect to foster bilingual or trilingual education that will allow this community to participate effectively in modern society and in the global economy.

The Foundation Has a Proven Track Record in Supporting Bilingual Education in Latin America


Large impact.

In addition to the university level, they support pre-university levels of education.

You can see or visit the result of your generosity.

They are currently focused on Mexico, since that is the source of much of our uncontrolled immigration. We can try to solve the problems after their arrival or improve their education before. The first is much cheaper and results in a healthier neighbor.

They do not give money for operational reasons. They believe the operational expenses, with rare exceptions, are the responsibility of the management of educational institution, not donors. They give money for capital investment and research only.

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